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The Z Blog

Weekly Z – Keeping It Cool

Temperatures are heating up, which means it’s time to get creative with ways to stay cool! Sleeveless one-piece outfits, like the ones featured here in our Enzo’s Elephants and Triangulum prints, are perfect for keeping your baby boy or girl comfy on hot summer afternoons. The soft cotton is breathable and comes in an array of fun prints with … Continue reading Weekly Z – Keeping It Cool

Tips for Soothing Summer Teethers

Drooling. Irritability. Chewing on any solid object within reach. Signs of a teething baby are easy to spot, but finding the best ways to soothe your little one is a lot harder. Add the compounding effects of warm summer days and it can make it a challenge to keep everyone calm, cool, and content. Every … Continue reading Tips for Soothing Summer Teethers

Weekly Z – Styling Sun Hats

Catching ice cream as it drips down the cone. Running a lemonade stand. Trying to get sand out from between your toes. Watching fireflies come out at dusk. Some things just say ‘summer’ with an exclamation point! And perhaps nothing more so than spending as much time as possible soaking up the sunshine! All that time outside, though, requires the … Continue reading Weekly Z – Styling Sun Hats

Zutano Weekly Giveaway 4.29.16

You could win a $25 Gift Card from Zutano.com! Zutano Weekly Giveaway Shop the entire Bateau Collection hereShop the entire Maritime Collection here

Your Weekly Z – Colorful Coordinates for Twins

Twins may mean twice the love and twice the adventures, but as any fashionable parent knows, it can be also mean twice the challenge for finding cute, coordinated clothes. We’ve heard over and over how hard it can be to find cute, matching outfits for twins – especially when they are mixed gender twins. How frustrating when you find … Continue reading Your Weekly Z – Colorful Coordinates for Twins

Earth Day Giveaway from Zutano & Seventh Generation

You could win a $50 Zutano.com Gift Card and Baby Care package from Seventh Generation! Earth Day Giveaway

Weekly Z – Mix & Match!

Some days, getting out the door in a clean outfit is a challenge, much less a fashionable or coordinated one! Having multiples just ups the ante. That’s why we plan our versatile styles and designs for endless mixing and matching. No matter what you pull out of the dresser, you can create a fashionable look for your little … Continue reading Weekly Z – Mix & Match!