Weekly Z – Keeping It Cool

weekly z stay cool

Temperatures are heating up, which means it’s time to get creative with ways to stay cool! Sleeveless one-piece outfits, like the ones featured here in our Enzo’s Elephants and Triangulum prints, are perfect for keeping your baby boy or girl comfy on hot summer afternoons. The soft cotton is breathable and comes in an array of fun prints with contrasting trim so they’re stylish as well as comfortable. Perfect for relaxing under a tree at the park or exploring sandy spots on the beach!

And if your little one has reached the phase where they want to put everything into their mouths, add some new flair to your wardrobe with teething jewelry from Chewbeads! The bright colors, shapes and textures keep baby’s senses engaged, while the soft silicone offers relief for tender gums. The Mercer rattle (featured here in Punchy Pink) adds interest with a bit of sound, while the Mullberry teether has two moving rings sized perfectly for exploring little fingers.

Want more ideas about how to soothe your little teether in the toasty winter months? We offered a few cool-down tips in our recent post, Tips for Soothing Summer Teethers.

Shop all our Chewbeads accessories now!


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