Weekly Z – Mix & Match!

Weekly Z Mix & Match Styles

Some days, getting out the door in a clean outfit is a challenge, much less a fashionable or coordinated one! Having multiples just ups the ante. That’s why we plan our versatile styles and designs for endless mixing and matching. No matter what you pull out of the dresser, you can create a fashionable look for your little one (or two)! Pack a couple of coordinating pieces in the stroller bag and you’re equipped to keep styling no matter which way the wind blows.

The Maritime Polo Shirt pairs effortlessly with the French Terry Pants or Big Pocket Shorts (with plenty of space for your little one’s take-along essentials). Swap the polo out for the Anchor Short Sleeve Screen Tee in the event of a wardrobe mishap and keep the day sailing. Staying warm in either outfit as the temperature changes through the day is easy with the lightweight but warm Periwinlke French Terry Zipper Jacket or the Navy & White Stripe Reversible Hoodie. Add the Periwinkle Candy Stripe Sunhat for a bit of flair and to keep that sensitive skin safe in the sunshine. And you can never go wrong with a pair of our perfect-for-summer Interlock Booties! Those go with everything!

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