Weekly Z – Styling Sun Hats

zutano sun hats print pattern solid

Catching ice cream as it drips down the cone. Running a lemonade stand. Trying to get sand out from between your toes. Watching fireflies come out at dusk. Some things just say ‘summer’ with an exclamation point! And perhaps nothing more so than spending as much time as possible soaking up the sunshine!

All that time outside, though, requires the right gear to keep your little one’s sensitive skin safe from sunburn. Fortunately, we have you covered (literally) with our fantastic sun hats! With a fabulous array of prints – from a classic Breton Stripe in periwinkle, to an orange candy stripe that looks like sunshine itself, to the fun floral of Flower Shower, and more – you’ll find just the right look to keep your baby comfy, colorful and fashionable all summer long.

Shop our entire collection of sun hats now. (And grab a matching Ruffle Bubble one-piece to complete the look!)

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