Tips for Soothing Summer Teethers

Drooling. Irritability. Chewing on any solid object within reach. Signs of a teething baby are easy to spot, but finding the best ways to soothe your little one is a lot harder. Add the compounding effects of warm summer days and it can make it a challenge to keep everyone calm, cool, and content. Every baby has their own preferences and what worked perfectly for a friend or for your first child may be wholly unacceptable to your teething baby. This week, we’re partnering with our friends at Chewbeads for a giveaway (enter here) and thought we’d offer some tips for alleviating your baby’s teething pain!

  • Gum massage – Sometimes a bit of pressure from your clean finger is just enough to do the trick. Gently rubbing gums can provide both a soothing sensation that eases the pain and – at the very least – a handy distraction. Giving your little one a knuckle to gnaw on also does the trick (as long as they don’t have any teeth yet). Even better – this remedy is always within arm’s reach!
  • Cold washcloth – This one is two tricks in one! Cold helps soothe and numb swollen gums and distract baby from the discomfort. Even better, the texture of the fabric massages gums and easily conforms to baby’s mouth. Try soaking in chamomile tea or tying a knot in one end before chilling for added soothing power.
  • Chilled fruit in a mesh bag – If your little one has started solid foods, try putting chilled fruit (like bananas, grape slices, or apple pieces) in a washcloth or mesh bag. Just like with the cold washcloth, your little one will benefit from the numbing effect of the cold fruit. Plus, it might rekindle their interest in eating if teething has made that uncomfortable or unpleasant for them.
  • Teething jewelry – Any mom who’s tried to wear jewelry around a teething baby knows how determined they can be to get it into their mouth. Chewbeads teething jewelry keeps a soother close at hand, whether you’re at home or spending a day out and about running errands or visiting friends. Necklaces and bracelets made of 100% silicone (similar to pacifiers or bottle nipples) are easy to clean. Chewbeads are soothing on babies gums and emerging teeth. Chewbeads are also a great accessory for summer travel since they don’t buzz at airport security or get hot in the sun!

What tricks have you found useful with your little one while they’re teething?

Shop now and pick up some Chewbeads for yourself and a coordinating Zutano outfit for your little one!

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