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The Z Blog

Weekly Z – Rollicking Rompers

When summer comes around, you want to be ready to move! It may only be your little one’s first or second summer, which is every reason to make the most of it with comfy and colorful styles from Zutano. Super cute, stylish, and still practical – what more could you ask for in a short sleeve outfit? In our … Continue reading Weekly Z – Rollicking Rompers

Start a Garden Giveaway! from Zutano and American Meadows

You could win $50 from Zutano.com and $100 from American Meadows to start your summer garden! Gardening Giveaway

Weekly Z – All Sorts of Shorts

Warm weather has been a long time in coming this year … but it looks like it’s finally ready to stick around! And that warm weather – and how long it took to get here – probably means your toddler is extra eager to get outside and explore. Big on style and comfort, our shorts are just what you … Continue reading Weekly Z – All Sorts of Shorts

Sweet & Easy Kids Garden

Our friends at American Meadows wrote this guest post for us about how to make a great garden with your little ones. Grab one of our floral print reversible hoodies to enjoy your hard work on cool summer mornings! We love the month of May at American Meadows! Our favorite week of the whole year is National Wildflower Week (which this year … Continue reading Sweet & Easy Kids Garden

Zutano Weekly Giveaway 5.13.16

You could win a $25 Gift Card from Zutano.com! Zutano Weekly Giveaway Shop all Romper Dresses

Weekly Z – Meet the Zoo Crew

Visiting the zoo is like taking a trip to anywhere in the world. In just a few steps, you can travel from the lush jungles of Southeast Asia to the swamps of the Florida Everglades to the arid savannas of sub-Saharan Africa – and back again! Watching animals interact is immensely fun – for us as well as for … Continue reading Weekly Z – Meet the Zoo Crew

Celebrate Mom

Here at Zutano, we love to celebrate moms and the love they give to their children. Sometimes there’s no better way to reward someone you love than with something special from the heart. Here we even have a special downloadable card for you to print just for mom! Click here for an easy download. We … Continue reading Celebrate Mom

Weekly Z – Styling Sun Hats

Catching ice cream as it drips down the cone. Running a lemonade stand. Trying to get sand out from between your toes. Watching fireflies come out at dusk. Some things just say ‘summer’ with an exclamation point! And perhaps nothing more so than spending as much time as possible soaking up the sunshine! All that time outside, though, requires the … Continue reading Weekly Z – Styling Sun Hats

Zutano Weekly Giveaway 4.29.16

You could win a $25 Gift Card from Zutano.com! Zutano Weekly Giveaway Shop the entire Bateau Collection hereShop the entire Maritime Collection here

Your Weekly Z – Colorful Coordinates for Twins

Twins may mean twice the love and twice the adventures, but as any fashionable parent knows, it can be also mean twice the challenge for finding cute, coordinated clothes. We’ve heard over and over how hard it can be to find cute, matching outfits for twins – especially when they are mixed gender twins. How frustrating when you find … Continue reading Your Weekly Z – Colorful Coordinates for Twins

DIY Bird Feeders to Celebrate Earth Day

We are making our way to the end of April and the weather up here in Vermont is currently blissful! It almost feels like summer lately and we can’t complain. Earth Day is right around the corner and to celebrate our beautiful earth, we wanted to share a quick, yet fun and helpful activity that’s for the birds–literally! To prepare for this fun craft, here is a list of what you will need and instructions!



*Empty, clean tin cans (as many as you’d like to use and in any size)

*Acrylic paint

*Sticks (sturdy)

*Yarn or twine

*Glue gun

*Paint brushes

*Buttons/Beads (optional)

*Bird seed