Thanksgiving and Baby Led Weaning – Please pass the gravy!

This year has flown by and the holidays are here already! Thanksgiving can be a crazy day in the kitchen and letting your baby enjoy some of that hard work can be as rewarding for you as it is for them. The idea behind baby led weaning is to allow your little one to learn how to chew and explore foods by feeding themselves. You provide easy-to-manage bites of food and with lots of supervision let your baby handle and pace their meals by themselves. My son is eleven months old and recently has turned into mister independent. He loves to do things for himself and his absolute favorite is definitely feeding himself! We haven’t been completely following baby led weaning, I started with a mixture of purees and finger foods but he now basically eats what we have for meals. I just cut his portion into small bites and spread them on his tray. He loves eating the same thing as we are and takes great pride in doing it himself.
Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity for your baby to try all different types of tastes and textures. Spread bites of turkey, a couple green beans, a little bit of mushy cranberries and soft yams on their tray and let them explore. If you are feeling brave you can even preload a spoon with a little mash potato, just warn everyone they may need to duck! Zutano bibs are a great option to help protect your little one’s clothes. They are made of 100% soft cotton and with a velcro closure they provide great coverage with a dash of fun color.

Have a happy and tasty Thanksgiving!

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