About Us - 1

Our Story

It all began with baby steps

Michael and Uli Belenky founded Zutano when their first daughter Sophia was born in 1989. Michael, a professional photographer, and Uli, a designer and art director, recognized a gaping hole in the children’s fashion market and handcrafted a small batch of unique, colorful baby clothes from their New York City brownstone. The clothes were an immediate favorite in the city’s boutiques and before long Zutano blossomed into one of the top baby brands in the US. When their second daughter Ella was born, the Belenky’s packed up Zutano and headed north to a hilltop farmhouse in Cabot, Vermont.

They used their new home in the countryside as inspiration for the evolution of the Zutano brand, while holding onto their root values of practicality, whimsical fun, and unique personality. The Zutano line was expanded to include accessories and they introduced their now-famous baby booties, which provided a perfect solution for parents looking for colorful, cute baby footwear that stayed on their baby’s feet.

Today, our headquarters are located in historic New Bedford, Massachusetts, a town that was once an epicenter of the US textile market. We still have our design office in Cabot, VT, where our design team - headed by Uli – continues to create award winning baby booties, accessories, and clothing. And we still operate in accordance with the same values we were founded on over 25 years ago.

Our Products

Baby booties, unique baby clothes, and accessories

We are best known for our industry leading baby booties that are designed to stay on your baby’s feet while providing warmth, comfort, and the cutest look imaginable. Available in a variety of colors, fabrics, and patterns, our customers can be sure to find the perfect style of bootie for their baby’s own unique personality.

We also offer a collection of baby accessories and unique baby clothes including hats, blankets, dresses, one-piece suits, shirts, pants, and more. All of our products are made with only the highest quality fabrics, whether it’s our super soft interlock cotton or our famously comfortable cozie fleece. The combination of energetic colors, fun and unique designs, and superior quality gives our line an unmatched reputation as a must-have baby brand that is adored by parents and children alike.

Our Values

Celebrating the individuality of your little one

At Zutano, babies inspire us every day. As one of the most beloved and influential brands in children's fashion, we incorporate brilliant colors, innovative designs and playful elements into our versatile line of products to bring your child's personality to life. Our goal is to instill a feeling of playfulness, love and creativity into the heart and mind of you and your little one. There is no moment more extraordinary than when a child is brought into one's world, and fostering that bond is at the heart of every decision Zutano makes.

We were founded on the belief that every child's individuality should be celebrated. This has inspired us to continually identify ways to acknowledge the unique character and joy of each little boy and girl. From community outreach, to fostering sustainable business practices, and nurturing the lives of children and parents alike—we strive to make the world a better place.