Zutano DIY Halloween Costumes

It’s October and that means pumpkins, apples and Halloween! Here are some super cute Halloween costume ideas for your little ones using Zutano clothing pieces. The best parts of these costumes – they’re adorable, easy DIY ideas and you can continue to use these great Zutano pieces throughout fall and winter!

Baby Peter Pan


You’re little one will be ready to fly off to never, never land with this adorable Peter Pan costume. You only need to make the red belt, green belt and add a feather to their cap!
Dress your child in Chocolate Cozie Baby Booties, Apple Baby Hat, Apple Cozie Fleece Jacket and Apple Baby Matchstick Jeans.PeterPan-DIY

For the red belt-
1. Cut three long ropes from the red felt long enough to tie around your child’s waist (be careful not to make them too thin or they will tear easily).
2. Braid the three ropes, wrap around the waist and secure with a double knot.
For the green belt-
1. Measure your child’s waist and cut the green felt to fit.
2. Cut zig zags at the bottom (they can be neat or messy).
3. Place velcro tape at the opposite ends of the belt so they can stick together.
4. Use the optional safety pins if you would like to secure the belt to the pants.
For the feather-
1. Use a strip of the heavy duty tape to secure the end of the feather inside the brim of the hat.
That’s it! Fly, fly, fly away!

Little Garden Gnome


Check out this little gnome! You will only need to make the belt and beard! Dress your baby in the Periwinkle Cozie Baby Elf Suit and Cool Heather Gray Cozie Baby Color Block Booties.
Gnome-DIYFor the beard-
1. Cut the shape of the beard from the white felt.
2. Cut out a circle at the top of the beard large enough to fit around your baby’s face. Cut the top of the circle (see photo for reference).
3. Attach the ends of the beard to the inside brim of the Elf Hoodie with velcro tape.
For the belt-
1. Measure your baby’s waist.
2. Cut a strip of the black felt that will fit around your baby’s waist and is 3 inches wide.
3. Cut out a square of yellow felt for the buckle. Fold the square in half and cut out a square from the middle.
4. Use the craft glue to bond the yellow buckle to the black belt and let it dry.
5. Attach velcro to opposite ends of the belt and attach securely around your baby’s waist.
That’s all! Your baby is all set for a magical night!

Little Brown BearBear-DIY

Your baby will be the cutest bear on the block and you only need to make the paw prints! Dress your baby in the Chocolate Cozie Baby Elf Suit, Chocolate Cozie Baby Booties and Baby Shaggy Vest with Ears.

For the paw prints-
1. Cut out four circles (three smaller and one large circle) from the black felt for each mitten.
2. Attach the circles to each mitten using velcro tape.
Use the face paint to add a nose and whiskers!
That’s it, but don’t forget to hide the honey!



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