Here's Why The Zutano Baby Shoe Is The Perfect First Walker For Baby

Once your little one starts standing up without support it’s a good time to think about his or her first walking shoe. When babies are inside they will most likely take their first steps barefoot, which is crucial for learning how to grip their toes to the ground and balance on their heels for stability. But once they're ready to venture outside or walk on hard surfaces, it's best to protect those little footsies with a walking shoe.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends three main features when choosing a walking shoe:

  1. Shoes should be lightweight and flexible in the forefoot to allow babies' feet to flex naturally
  2. Shoes should be made of breathable materials such as leather or quality mesh
  3. Soles should be made of rubber for traction and to prevent slipping

As you can see in diagram, Zutano shoes were designed to adhere closely to these guidelines and provide the best possible walking experience for your little one.

The outsole of the shoe is made of flexible, soft leather with rubber grippy treads to keep your baby safe and promote natural foot movement, while the insole keeps your little one comfy with cushioned, high-density foam.

The stylish, 100% genuine leather upper body is soft and breathable to keep little feet dry and comfy once they start picking up speed. Hook and loop straps on both sides ensure a snug, secure fit.

The shoe comes with a drawstring canvas bag for both easy transport and sharp presentation. Whether it's for your own baby or a gift for someone else's, our shoes make a perfect first walker for babies.


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