Weekly Z: Triangulum


There is a certain joy to be found in symmetry. Some scientists say that the key to human evolution is our ability to quickly see patterns and predict outcomes in our environment. Perhaps this is why we are often naturally drawn to images of balance; geometric patterns, Indian Mandalas, or intricate spirals. Some people say that looking at these patterns fills them with a sense of calm and serenity. For all you geometric pattern lovers, we’ve created a new print: Triangulum! Named after the triangular constellation in the North sky of the same name, Triangulum is a pattern of balance. This print is composed entirely of a network of connected triangles in a modern palette of blues, yellows, greens and grays with a pop or orange. Triangulum is available is an assortment of great spring onesie options, such as the Triangulum Baby Sleeveless Suit, or the adorable Triangulum Baby Romper Dress. What is even better, Triangulum is also an excellent “neutral” to pair with other new spring prints, such as Alligator Bebop! Combine a pair of Triangulum Baby Pants with our Sing Along Baby Baseball ScreenTee, and you’ve got the perfect fun and lively look for spring!

To see the entire print collection, click below:
Triangulum Collection

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