Weekly Z: Flower Shower and Rainbow Stripe


The pleated pant. The return of Full House on Netflix. A classic steakhouse wedge salad.   Retro nostalgia is all the rage, from clothing to media to the very food we eat — which is why we’re so excited about our new print Flower Shower! Reminiscent of groovy looks from the 1970s, this floral print is a fabulous explosion of colorful pinks, blues, yellows and greens! Perfect for spring, this print is available in our popular new body styles, including the Baby Ruffle Sunshine Top which pairs wonderful with a cute baby hat. What’s even better, the Flower Shower print also pairs beautifully with our new Rainbow Candy Stripe Print, for wonderfully colorful mix-and-match possibilities. Pair a Rainbow Candy Stripe Short Sleeve Peasant Top with a pair of comfy Flower Shower Baby Jogger Pants, or pretty much any other piece in either collection (we really enjoy mixing two pairs of the booties together!) Whichever items you choose to put together, you’ll be creating a look that is so colorful and lively, it will be raining smiles all around.

To see the full collections, click below!

Flower Shower Collection

Rainbow Candy Stripe Collection


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