Weekly Z – All Sorts of Shorts

carefree cuties shorts

Warm weather has been a long time in coming this year … but it looks like it’s finally ready to stick around! And that warm weather – and how long it took to get here – probably means your toddler is extra eager to get outside and explore. Big on style and comfort, our shorts are just what you need for your little one all summer long.

The Big Picket French Terry shorts feature a faux button closure but the elastic waistband mean they’re easy to get on and off in a pinch. The functional front cargo pockets sport a contrast mini pocket for a pop of color. Back pockets provide even more space to stow things away while out adventuring. For a bolder look, grab a pair of our Tree House Shorts. The bright patterns and long, board short evoke a day of surfing. More functional pockets to store seashells and other treasures found in the sand!

Want to limit the surprises you find in pockets on laundry day? Pick up a pair of our Bike Shorts instead. The summertime version of our popular skinny leggings, these stretchy shorts are also great for layering under dresses or skirts! And don’t forget to add a polo shirt for easy mixing and matching!

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