Seven Newborn Essentials Guide

Zutano’s Uli Belenky Reveals the ‘Zutano Sensational Seven

We’ve been designing baby essentials for almost 25 years and the one ‘constant’ we find in our Zutano designs is the ability to partner comfort and practicality with fun, whimsical style for your newborn. Our history as a company was guided by the limitations we noticed in apparel being offered to new parents. It just did not reflect the excitement, curiosity and adventure that we expected we would experience as new parents. I would ask my husband (and Zutano co-founder) Michael, “would you dress our baby in this?” and the answer was always the same. So, just before the birth of our first child, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We started Zutano in the comfort of our NYC studio apartment in 1988. Till this day, as both of our daughters are now adults, we continue to be inspired by babies: the simple, pure curiosity, the freshness and excitement in a baby’s eyes. All of a baby’s sights and sounds ignite a world of color and characters for me.

Knowing what those key items are that one should have on hand when their baby comes home is critical, so after 25 years of dressing newborns, we’ve put together a fool-proof list of the ‘Zutano Sensational Seven’ that will leave new parents equipped and their baby well-styled!


1. Kimono Tops: Of course onsies are essential, but after dressing so many newborns, we know how hard it is to pull fabric over delicate, growing noggins A soft Zutano body-wrap is so easy to slip onto baby by gently rolling him/her into it because it opens completely flat. Kimono styles are also very ‘belly button friendly’ and are ideal for baby’s comfort until their umbilical cord falls off. We’d recommend having at least 4-5 so there is always a fresh one on hand.

2. Onesies: This side-snap style allows the onesie to lay completely open so you simply place baby in, wrap, snap and go! No pulling over the head! Easy, comfortable and protective; the foundation of a baby layette! Saying that you’ll need 3 or 4 means that you’ll be doing laundry too often! We’d recommend stocking up on 6-8, in a variety of colorful prints. Mixing and matching prints on onsies with signature Zutano striped leggings turns even the most mundane errand into a bold baby fashion statement.


3. Footies: Footies represent a wonderful fashion canvas as they flow over baby’s shape and keep feet warm and toasty. We love to see our unique patterns adorn the full baby body and wrap up a cute bundle of joy and wonder all while allowing easy access with snaps from neck to tush! At least 3 to 4 footies would be ideal for a layette.

4. Booties: Zutano booties ARE the end-all and be-all essential. They’ve been touted by the press, top mom bloggers and mothers & fathers world-wide as the best bootie-ever! Soft and cozie, they fit perfectly. With our unique snap system, they do not fall off and make it hard for babes to pull off, so they do not easily get lost or magically disappear. We suggest one in every color & stripe!


5. Gowns: Zutano newborn receiving gowns are the ultimate garment for flexibility and comfort. Ideal for the first few weeks of life, the gown slips on easily with an elastic opening at the bottom to snuggle around tiny toes. There is an overlapping collar, which gently falls around the head and fold-over cuffs to protect hands, keep fingers warm and to prevent baby from scratching themselves. The receiving gown is a wonderful garment when paired with blankets and caps and can also be layered over leggings for extra warmth. Having 3-4 gowns will ensure that baby stays peacefully quiet as dad gently changes that diaper!

6. Caps: Zutano’s newborn hats are warm, protective and easy to wear. An essential element for any new baby’s wardrobe, new parents will reach for these hats again and again. They come in a huge variety of bright, fun colors and super cute prints. Have at least 3-4 on hand, or get one for each day of the week!

7. Blankets: Zutano blankets are warm and cuddly with two layers of interlock cotton making them great for travel, rest, and play time. We suggest 2-3, one for the car, diaper bag and home.

We are continually grateful for the input from moms & dads worldwide, as well as from the new parents in our office. To create a truly terrific product, you’ve got to know, understand and love your target market – babies and children. Nine years ago, we implemented the Zutano ‘Bring your Baby to Work’ program. Our employees with new babies are allowed and encouraged to bring their babies to work and nurture them in the work place through their first year of life. This has allowed us to surround ourselves with our inspiration every day, beautiful babies!

About Zutano: For more than twenty years, Zutano has been committed to celebrating the diversity of all children, creating exceptional, innovative, and versatile products. Zutano designs beautiful lifestyle collections that draw inspiration from the children of this world and introduces prints and patterns that reflect their spirits. Located in Cabot, Vermont, Zutano carefully sources only the finest fabrics and softest cottons for each new product, creating a line of superior quality clothing, bedding and accessories in a rainbow of colors and prints that have no equal in the industry. Zutano is available at more than 1,400 gift and specialty boutiques and retailers worldwide as well as on the web at select e-tailers and the Zutano e-boutique. For more information visit the Zutano web site at

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