Let’s Cover Montpelier In Daysies!

Let's Cover Zutano in Daysies!!

Each Year locals vote for the Best of Vermont via  The Seven Days -Vermont’s premier independent weekly newspaper.  Winners of each category receive a “Daysie Award” which affords major bragging rights and is a boon to business as folks refer to the Daysie Award winners list when making local buying decisions.

This year Zutano is leading the effort to cover Montpelier in Daysies! Let’s use our collective efforts to spread the word about all the fabulous businesses, food and people in Montpelier!

Please take a few minutes to Vote in the 2015 Daysies by Clicking Here

Only ballots with at least 50 categories filled in will be counted so please keep the following Montpelier nominees in mind:

2. Best photojournalist

  • Jeb Wallace-Brodeur, Seven Days and Barre-Montpelier Times Argus

4. Best local radio host

  • Zeb Norris, the Point

5. Best local radio DJ

  • Zeb Norris, the Point
  • Mike Luoma, the Point

6. Best radio station

  • The Point

35b. Best women’s casual clothing store – OCC

  • Salaam Boutique

39. Best women’s shoe store

  • The Shoe Horn

41. Best children’s clothing store

  • Zutano

45. Best pet supply store

  • Guy’s Farm and Yard

46. Best musical instrument store

  • GuitarSam

47b. Best bookstore – OCC

  • Bear Pond Books

48. Best housewares store

  • Capital Kitchen

49. Best children’s toy store

  • Woodbury Mountain Toys

61b. Best ski/snowboard shop

  • Onion River Sports

62b. Best bike shop – OCC

  • Onion River Sports

63. Best outdoor outfitter

  • Onion River Sports

64b. Best kitchen store* – OCC

  • Capital Kitchen

68. Best place to play pool

  • Charlie-O’s World Famous

71. Best karaoke

  • Charlie-O’s World Famous

84. Best local theater company

  • Lost Nation Theater

89. Best movie theater

  • The Savoy Theater

97. Best foot race

  • Vermont Corporate Cup and State Agency Race

105b. Best restaurant* – OCC

  • Sarducci’s Restaurant and Bar

108b. Best lunch – OCC

  • Three Penny Taproom
  • Wilaiwan’s Kitchen

110. Best outdoor dining

  • The Skinny Pancake

115. Best Thai restaurant

  • Royal Orchid Thai Restaurant
  • Wilaiwan’s Kitchen

117. Best Mexican restaurant

  • The Mad Taco

119. Best Italian restaurant

  • Sarducci’s Restaurant and Bar

120b. Best vegetarian fare – OCC

  • Kismet
  • Tulsi Tea Room

122b. Best eggs Benedict – OCC

  • Kismet

126b. Best pizza (restaurant) – OCC

  • Positive Pie

127b. Best pizza delivery – OCC

  • Positive Pie

128b. Best burger – OCC

  • Three Penny Taproom

129b. Best steak – OCC

  • J. Morgan’s Steakhouse

130b. Best French fries – OCC

  • Three Penny Taproom

133. Best sushi

  • Asiana House

134b. Best creemee – OCC

  • Dairy Creme
  • Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks

136b. Best housemade ice cream – OCC

  • Chill Vermont Gelato

138b. Best locally owned grocery store – OCC

  • Hunger Mountain Coop

143. Best sweets bakery

  • Birchgrove Baking

145. Best taco*

  • The Mad Taco

146b. Best family restaurant* – OCC

  • Sarducci’s Restaurant and Bar

152b. Best draught beer list – OCC

  • Three Penny Taproom

157. Best dive bar

  • Charlie-O’s World Famous

158. Best sports bar

  • McGillicuddy’s

160. Best bar (overall)

  • Three Penny Taproom

166. Best teahouse

  • Tulsi Tea Room

169. Best barista (name, business)

  • Theis Bergstrom, Capitol Grounds Café

Thank you for your support!

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