How To Swaddle

Here's How To Create The Perfect Swaddle Wrap

Swaddling is a simple, effective and comfortable way to keep your baby feeling safe and warm as they get used to the outside world. There are several different ways to swaddle, but having a go-to technique can help you save time and keep you from having to redo the swaddle every time your baby moves around. Here is what we suggest to achieve the perfect wrap:

1. Bring opposite corners of the swaddle together so that it folds into a triangle, similar to how you would fold a napkin. Place Baby on top with the shoulders in line with the folded over (long edge) of the triangle.

2. Place Baby’s right arm against the body and use the same side of the swaddle to pull it over the arm and chest. Tuck the swaddle under the left side of the baby, but keep the left arm free.

3. Take the bottom of the swaddle and fold it up over Baby’s feet, tucking it into the top of the swaddle below the chin.

4. Wrap the remaining part of the swaddle’s left side over Baby’s left arm and chest, around the right side, and tuck it in under the back. Make sure to keep the swaddle loose enough for Baby to be comfortable but tight enough to feel secure.


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