2017 Halloween Inspiration!

It’s that time again! Halloween is right around the corner and there is nothing cuter than a baby in a costume. We have some great Halloween inspiration for you for sizes NB-24m that will fit any budget and, best of all, can be used again after the big night is over. If you’ve ever dressed a baby in a costume before you probably know that the younger ones might sleep all night and the older ones might not be in the mood to wear their costume for more than five minutes, especially if it’s uncomfortable. Well we have all of those bases covered for you. Our costumes are high quality, comfortable, fun, and don’t require any makeup (unless you’d like to add some). Plus, if your little one falls asleep during the holiday fun you can put them right to bed in what they’re wearing.

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The Elf (sizes 3M-12M)

How cute is this little guy!? With Christmas fast approaching, you will get a lot of use out of this elf suit after Halloween is over. It’s a great one-piece outfit to take your baby to any holiday party or for snapping cute holiday photos at home next to the Christmas tree. We paired the suit with our Cozie Booties, another great staple to have in your baby’s wardrobe.

To achieve this look you will need -

  • A dark brown marker
  • Tan felt 
  • Scizzors
  • Measuring tape
  • Needle and thread to sew the ears
  • Safety pins or a needle and thread to attach the ears to the hood

Measure your baby’s ears as a guide. Fold your felt square in half, then in half again so you have four layers. Mark the top layer with four dots showing the height and width of baby’s ear, then draw the desired elf ear shape around your size guide. Cut through all four layers about ½” outside the shape you drew. This extra allowance will leave room for your hem. Separate your layers into two and two and flip one pair over so they mirror each other. Sew around the outside, leaving the flat edge that will be pinned to the hood open. Flip your ear inside out and stuff with the felt scraps leftover from cutting out the ears. Fold the felt on the open edge inward and sew shut from the outside. Use your brown marker to draw the ear details as shown and voila! Pin the ears to the hood, keeping the pin on the outside under the ears, or if you don't like using safety pins you can sew them on.


Price for the Elf Suit is $43. The booties are an additional $21.


 The Watermelon (sizes NB-6M) 


This adorable outfit features our classic cotton beanie and our snuggle sack for an easy outfit that your baby can be safe and comfortable in if he or she falls asleep. If your baby does not have a snuggle sack in their wardrobe this is a must have. Much safer that a blanket, this garment stays in place, keeps your baby’s feet warm, and cannot be kicked off. Layer this over any tee or onesie of your choice.

 To achieve this look you will need -

  • A dark green marker for your "rind"
  • Black felt for the watermelon seeds
  • Scizzors
  • Safety pins, glue, or a needle and thread

For the hat, simply draw the pattern on as shown. Start with an outline and then fill it in. Use washable markers so you can wash off the pattern after Halloween if you'd like. 

Cut your seeds out of the black felt. To attach the seeds, I chose to use a safety pin so that the seeds could be removed afterwards, but you can also glue them on or put a couple stitches in if you'd rather not use the pins. Hide the pin under the seed. Keep the pin on the outside, away from baby’s skin. 


Price for both pieces (Beanie and Snuggle Sack) is $47.50.


The Bunny (sizes 6M-18M)

 This sweet outfit is made of our super soft velour and is sure to be a hit with your little one. Our Velour Coveralls are great for chilly nights and the Bunny Hat will be an adorable addition to any Easter outfit come spring. We added our Velour Booties to complete the look. This outfit is comfortable and versatile, and best of all if you’re not into crafting (or just don’t have the time) this costume doesn’t require any additions or makeup. However, if you’d like to add a cute bunny tail or paint on a bunny nose it sure would look cute! This bunny tail is actually a pom pom hair tie from the craft store. Just cut off the elastic band, pin it on (pin on the outside) and BOOM! Instant cotton tail.

Featured here in cream and also available in hot pink. Price for the Bunny Hat and Velour Coveralls is $56. The booties are an additional $21.


The Bear (sizes 6M-24M)


 This little cutie pie looks fierce! Your baby will want to play dress up in this super soft Furry Bear Hat again and again. This outfit can be worn in many different ways. Featured here with our Furry Bear Hat, Vest, and Mittens along with our Cozie Jacket, Cuff Pants, and Cozie Furry Gripper Booties in chocolate. This outfit will keep your baby nice and warm if he or she plans to tag along trick or treating. If you’re planning on staying inside you can lose the jacket and mittens and layer the vest over a basic tee or onesie so your little one can stay cool after all that running around and growling! We added a simple brown nose (courtesy of Momma’s makeup bag) to complete the costume, but this outfit surely does not require any makeup to achieve the look. If your baby has sensitive skin or is not in the mood for face painting, no problem! 

Price for all six pieces (hat, vest, mittens, jacket, pants, and booties) for a warm, outdoor look is $145.50. Price for the indoor, four piece look (hat, vest, pants, and booties) is $104. Please note, if you purchase the booties they are available in non-gripper (size 6M) or gripper (12M-24M) for babies on the move!

Shop our costume collection HERE.

 Happy Halloween from Zutano!

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