10 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Little Ones at Home

10 activities with your little one

We know that staying inside with your little ones is no easy task, but sometimes it's necessary. After the constant snacks, spills, and failed nap attempts, it's time for some inspiration. We've compiled a list of 10 fun things you can do with your little ones at home - to turn those stir-crazy moments into cherished memories. Let's get started!

1. Build a Fort

Building a fort is an easy thing to do that can keep little ones at home entertained for hours. Plus, you have all the supplies to build a fort right in your living room. Grab a few cushions, pillows, bedsheets, and a flashlight, and you've created a new little world for your little ones to explore.

2. Living Room Movie Day

Putting on a movie for your kids is nothing new, but there are simple ways you can make it special. Set up sleeping bags on the floor, pop some popcorn, or let your kiddos dress up like the characters in the movie.

3. Sensory Play

This idea is great for babies and toddlers. Create sensory stations in containers with raw beans, rice, water beads, moon sand, jello, and any other fun items you can find around the house. Your little ones at home will have fun for hours exploring all these new sights and textures. Plus, sensory play is great for fine and gross motor skills!

4. Water Table

Whether you have a water table, a large flat container, or a bathtub, all of these will work to create a water play station. Fill the container with water and add in some fun elements. Bath toys, paper boats, water beads, sponges, and more can create a fun waterscape for your kids to use their imagination.

5. Play in the Backyard

Being stuck at home doesn't limit your family to staying indoors. If the weather is nice, there are plenty of activities you can do in the backyard. If you don't have a swing set, you can create a scavenger hunt, pick flowers, run relay races, play bozo buckets, blow bubbles, and much more.

6. Finger Painting

Sometimes making a mess is the best medicine! You can't beat a classic finger-painting moment. Get your little ones an old t-shirt and let the artist create a masterpiece. If your kids are too little to use paint, try an edible food mash in the highchair or let them use water and a paintbrush.


7. Sock Puppet Theatre

Have some socks without a matching pair? Get creative and make sock puppets with your little ones at home. This is a great way to encourage your kids to use think outside the box. Challenge them to put on a puppet show!

8. Music Time

Chances are your kids have a list of their favorite songs. Even though you have probably heard them a million times, having a dance party with your kids is a great way to shake out their stir-crazy energy.

9. Making Non-Toxic Playdough

Playdough is a great way to encourage playtime. There are endless possibilities for what you can create. There are many homemade non-toxic playdough recipes out there to choose from.

10. Indoor Picnic

Is the weather outside looking grim? Take your picnic indoors! Set up a picnic blanket and some fun snacks and pretend you're outside. You'll be surprised how a simple change in your kid's lunch routine can make all the difference.

We hope that this blog post gave you some fun ideas to try out with your little ones at home. A new perspective can make all the difference. Happy memory making!








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