10 Activities to Do With Your Little One Before Summer Ends

We all love some summer fun! However, it can be challenging to plan activities during the summer that are kid & baby-friendly. Don't give up and lock yourself indoors all day. We've come to the rescue with some fun and practical ideas for you and your little one(s) to do before summer ends.

  1. Use a large Tupperware or kiddie pool to make a water play station. Fill up the container with water toys and other fun sensory items to keep your little ones entertained and cool!
  2. Get the ice cube tray out of the freezer. If you set up a tray or table area with ice cubes, it can keep your toddlers busy for hours. For an extra dose of fun, use ice molds with different shapes to add some creativity and dimension to playtime.
  3. Check out your local library. Most public libraries hold free storytime programs for little ones and infants. This is a great activity to give your kids exposure to a classroom-like environment.
  4. Make a lemonade stand in your yard! This may seem old school but decorating a sign and helping make lemonade can be a fun summer activity for your little ones.
  5. Scope out free events at your local park district. This is a great family-centric setting to entertain your kids during the summer, so you all can get out of the house.
  6. Sidewalk painting with water. This is a mess-free summer activity for kids. Grab a paintbrush and a few cups of water and let your little ones create a masterpiece. It’s fun to watch their designs fade away, so they can make something new!
  7. Find a community pool with a children’s play area. It’s become standard for most community pools to have a dialed down water zone for little ones to safely splash around in.
  8. Look up any free museum days in your area. During the summertime, places like this are usually tailored to young kids.
  9. Join a parenting group through a community center to connect with other parents and set up play dates for your little ones at the park, beach, etc.
  10. On hot or rainy days, plan a fun summer movie day inside. Help your little ones set up sleeping bags or forts in the living room and pretend they are at the movies.

Wishing You a Summer Full of Memorable Moments

Hopefully, this blog sparked some new ideas you can try out this summer with your little ones. The next time you are looking for a summer activity for your kids, remember to keep it simple. The best summer memories don’t have to be complicated.


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